“TYLLA NAL” is a company with professionals who are ready to provide services in the field of logistics and transportation at the highest level.
The scope of our company includes the export of all oil and gas and textile products manufactured in Turkmenistan. We offer a comprehensive approach and the possibility of a combined order of liquefied gas, oil products and textiles, namely, such products as gasoline, diesel and heating oil, aviation kerosene, fuel oil, bitumen, polypropylene, urea, technical sulfur, cotton fiber, fabric in rolls, yarn, etc.
Our company provides wholesale delivery of the listed goods to any region of the CIS. Depending on the place of delivery and your wishes, we can arrange delivery by road, rail or sea. The streamlined process of order processing and transportation of goods guarantees timely delivery of goods to their destination.
In addition, our company imports various equipment and tools from world famous manufacturers for the oil and gas fields of Turkmenistan.
Our experts are ready to provide comprehensive information on all necessary issues. To optimize working time and greater convenience, we have developed a special service with which you can place orders directly through our website. This will allow you to rationally use your working time without spending it on searching for the necessary goods at doubtful prices and contacts with unverified suppliers.
The quality guarantee of the goods we offer is the accompanying documentation, which includes quality certificates and certificates of conformity.

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