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Transport services in Turkmenistan

Transport services in Turkmenistan

The company “Tylla Nal – freight forwarding services, cargo transportation by all means of transport” shows its respect and deep appreciation to you and your company and invites you to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our company has been successfully operating in the logistics and forwarding market for several years and has vast experience in the transportation of goods by various types of vehicles. The established worldwide network of the company allows organizing an effective and relatively economical system of providing logistics services in all areas of Europe, China, Central and East Asia, including the CIS and SCO countries.

Currently, the company has a wide network of representative offices in countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Uzbekistan, Ukraine that help to effectively and efficiently respond to customer requirements for providing the most optimal routes and vehicles for transporting goods.

In view of the foregoing, Tylla Nal Company is honored to offer mutually beneficial cooperation for international freight transport.

Once again, taking this opportunity, we express our respect and hope that our offer will be of interest to you.
We enclose the calculation of the cost of transportation in the direction of interest.

Yours faithfully

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